Build faster, better, business apps.

DevMagic’s products elevate you from the complexities and mundane details of developing .NET cloud apps. Instead of working to embrace new technology, make technology do the work for your developers, users, and business.

Our Products

We offer tools to accelerate developing .NET cloud apps with open and standard architecture and are key contributors to the open-source SnapObjects ORM framework.



a lightweight C# IDE for rapidly creating REST APIs & libraries.



a simple, powerful, ultra-fast ORM for .NET.

Our Story

We started DevMagic because we saw IT departments struggling to keep up with the pace of change. We believe innovations in tech should not come at the expense of the developer, user, or bottom line. A development stack should offer high developer productivity, deliver a powerful user experience, and leverage existing investments. Armed with our beliefs and a cult-like following, we are on a mission to help developers build faster, better, business apps.

Our Partners

Microsoft Gold Partner