A Lightweight C# IDE for Rapidly Creating REST APIs & Libraries.

Why Develop with SnapDevelop?

Easy to Use

Designed to be a lightweight C# IDE, it is naturally simpler to install and easier to work with than bloated IDEs.

Highly Productive

Designed to be a more productive C# IDE, it provides an integrated code generation, refactoring, and testing process.

No Third-Party Plugins

Designed to provide the key features you need out of the box, there are no hassles or risks of third-party plugins.

Key Features

SnapDevelop provides a comprehensive set of features to facilitate rapid development of non-visual C# projects for the .NET Core framework, including rapid coding, live debugging, unit testing, and easy deployment.

What’s New in SnapDevelop 2021

Enhanced Debugging

Debug your C# projects in SnapDevelop more easily and quickly. The C# Debugger has been enhanced with more utilities, including debugging asynchronous and multi-threaded projects.

  • Set breakpoint conditions & actions
  • Debug multi-threaded code
  • Debug asynchronous code
  • Attaching to a process with debugger
  • Focus on a particular exception

Enhanced Docker Integration

Easily complete your Docker deployment, image and container management, and orchestration within SnapDevelop.

  • Connecting to local or remote docker engine
  • Pull image from or push image to docker registry
  • Manage multi-container apps with docker compose
  • Enhanced Docker file command editor

New Code Generators

More code generation tools have been added to SnapDevelop, allowing you to code less so you develop faster.

  • Integrated model generator
  • Generate a Class from a JSON/XML file
  • Integrated GUID generator

.NET Core 3.1 Support

Supercharge your C# projects with new features of the .NET Core 3.1. Besides being an LTS version, the .NET Core 3.1 includes a number of improvements, such as C# 8.0, new JSON API, support for ARM 64, etc.

Getting Started

Download the trial to start building your REST API using SnapDevelop. You can watch the 2-minute video first and dive deeper by following the documentation.


PowerBuilder CloudPro



SnapDevelop is available as part of PowerBuilder CloudPro. PowerBuilder CloudPro deploys existing client/server applications to the Cloud with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud!




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